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An Tan Cuong Co., Ltd

AN TAN CUONG Co., Ltd (Abbreviate: ATC Co., Ltd) founded 2007, a pioneer for plastic coating for temperature resistance, nonstick, chemical resistance, abrasion & wear resistance, weather resistance, corrosive resistance, mold release & cleaning, etc. ATC Co., Ltd has provided services applying for bakeware & food, medical, mold, inks, engineering, plastic injection, sanitary, stationery, etc.

Up to present, ATC Co., Ltd has been gotten the trust from customers in excellent performance and good appearance of products and best services. It’s result in continuing studying and applying new and the latest technology from Euro and United States. Meanwhile, ATC Co., Ltd has been used high quality materials from leading Companies in Euro and United States as well. It’s not only customer but also suppliers highly appreciated performance ofATC Co., Ltd. In 2009, ATC Co., Ltd was honor to grant DUPONT United States licensed Industrial Applicator with international quality executive in Vietnam market. In addition, ATC Coating’s applied for food application with FDA, USA and Quality Assurance and Testing Center 3 (QUATEST 3).

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With mission “miracle of technology creates excellent performance products”, ATC Co., Ltd has continued studying and creating excellent performance products in tough working environment.

ATC Co., Ltd sincerely thanks Customers for going together and having great supports up to now and looking forward to contribute for your strong development in the future