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Chemical resistant

Teflon is normally unaffected by chemical environments. The only chemicals known to affect all Teflon industrial coatings are molten alkali metals and highly reactive fluorinating agents.

Non stick

Very few solid substances will permanently adhere to a Teflon finish. And while tacky materials may show some adhesion, almost all subtances release easily.

Since surfaces coated with Teflon are both oleophobic and hydrophobic, they are not readily wet. Cleanup is easier and more thorough – in many cases, surfaces are self-cleaning.

Temperature resistant

Teflon industrial coatings can operate continouosly at temperatures up to 260oC/550oF and can be used for intermitte 

Over a wide range of frequencies, Teflon has high dielectric strength, low dissipation factor and very high surface resistivity. By special techniques, it can even be made electroconductive enough to be used as an anti-static coating.